What’s Mason Finley?

Mason Bailey; all the way from Nebraska, is a normal guy – Playing on his guitar and singing some songs. In his shattered mind (not knowing which path to choose) another guy came into his life — Finley Harrison.

People are not quite sure about his parents.. There is a lot of stories about that! Some say he’s a son of a rich and is having a great family. Others say that he grew up all alone without any family in a trailer-park outside of Kansas City.

One night, Finley were sitting all alone in a bar, completely broke and lonesome. Then this is what happened; Mason stepped into that same bar with his guitar.

Long story short: in that cold and lonely night, two guys with their different backgrounds, started their Journey together of making music.

Listen to the glory midwest sounds of two friends and you will feel the freedom in music. This is – Mason Finley.

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

24 Nov 2018 Alpirsbach-Peterzell, GER Bürgerhaus Bürgerhaus
23 Nov 2018 Schramberg, GER Schramberger Kulturbesen Schramberger Kulturbesen
31 Oct 2018 Albstadt, GER Wirtshaus "Zum Trödler" Wirtshaus "Zum Trödler"
28 Sep 2018 Balingen, GER http://www.sonnenkeller.net/ http://www.sonnenkeller.net/
21 Jul 2018 Balingen, GER http://www.sonnenkeller.net/ http://www.sonnenkeller.net/
13 Jul 2018 Nürtingen, GER
02 Jun 2018 Dunningen, GER
25 May 2018 Hechingen, GER Restaurant La Paz Restaurant La Paz
12 May 2018 Bempflingen, GER
05 May 2018 Nürtingen, GER

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